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Welcome to MinionsWallpaper! As a huge fan of minions, I've collected many wallpapers over the past year to use on my computer. Now I've decided to upload these, to create a huge collection of minions photos and wallpapers for other fans to use. I've gone through all the photos and found the original creators of these pictures. All credit goes to them for creating such wonderful photos. If you like the wallpapers shown here, please visit their website for more designs! Links to the creators pages are provided below the wallpapers.

If you'd like to submit your own wallpaper, you can do so from the upload page. Please make sure you are the original creator of the wallpapers, or you credit the original owner. Any images without credit will be removed. Likewise, if you think credit has been wrongly given to a photo, please contact me and so I can correct this.

This site is non-profit, and any money made is donated to Action for Children, a charity which helps keep children safe from abuse, something which should be a right for all children - not just some. If you enjoy this site or use any of the wallpapers for personal use, please tell a friend and so we can keep spreading happiness to other minion lovers!

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Minion Potter
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