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What is MinionsWallpaper.Com?

I'm a huge fan of Minions. I think they're so cute and funny (yes, every time I see a minion I say "MIINNIIOOONNN!!" to myself, I can't help it!). Over the past year I've used many minions pictures as my wallpaper for my PC, and now I've decided I want to upload these to create a huge collection of minions photos and wallpapers for other fans to use too. I've also added in other photos I've found online, including minions fan art and movie scenes from the Despicable Me films and the newest Minions film.

I have tried to find all the original creators of the pictures I use, and I post their details and website next to the image when I use it. All credit goes to them for creating such wonderful pictures for us to enjoy, and remember, they're big minions fans too! So please, if you want to use their image for your own website or page, please contact the original creator, and so other people can thank them too. The creators also have other cool designs on their websites, so check out the sites of any images you wish - websites are provided next to images.

If you'd like to submit your own wallpaper, you can do so from the upload page. Please make sure you are the original creator of the wallpapers, or you credit the original owner, as images without credit probably won't be activated. Likewise, if you think credit has been wrongly given to a photo, please contact me and so I can correct this.

Finally! This site is non-profit as sharing funny minions pictures is just a hobby for me which I really love. Any profit made goes towards charity - you can find out much more about this by visiting the charity page.

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